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The Connected Catalyst


I am a catalyst that builds bridges between the world of technology, education and human experience using the power of design and media. 


Over the last decade, I have worked for some of the world’s leading consumer brands including Unilever, Aviva and Razer and was a part of their digital transformation team looking to drive business results as consumer preferences shift and existing business models plateau. 


In between corporate assignments, I had a brief entrepreneurial stint, at the age of 24, leading a regional eCommerce business and decentralised digital agency and found myself being an accidental photojournalist, chef and triathelete outside office hours.


I am currently building new communities like Global Brand Summit, writing a book for creative entrepreneurs and educating the next generation of User Experience (UX) designers and customer-focused leaders in Singapore, Malaysia and Europe.


I welcome new teaching and consulting opportunities in UX design, Agile product development and digital transformation through my company CuriousCore. I am also open to collaborating on technology-driven projects related to developing human potential and to empower educators. 


If you do drop me a note via daylon(at), please tell me more about your favourite book.


Diving into the core of

what makes us human

I have always been innately curious about people and immersive experiences. That curiosity led me to study game design and the interactive arts which came full circle in the form of a stint at Razer as their first eCommerce Architect driving direct to consumer sales for their global legion of fans and new customers. I enjoyed user research studies with fellow gamers and parents of gamers who shopped for gaming gear and driving UX design initiatives that led to an increase in sales conversion rate, average order value and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

“Daylon is a highly resourceful self-starter who firmly believes in starting with why. This enabled him to lead change with confidence and energy even in the face of ambiguity. During his time in my team, I saw that his analytical approach to problem solving enabled him to tackle myriad challenges that had stumped other global Product Owners. Yet, it was refreshingly simple: let the voice of the customer guide the product design. This and other best practices gave Daylon the edge to get the job done where others had struggled.”

Quincy Tan

Ex-VP of Online Sales & Marketing at Razer


Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to help tech startups and MNCs rethink their customer experience in the financial services, consumer goods and electronics sectors working closely with their leadership team. As an Agile Certified Practitioner, the ability to speak the language of business and understand the principles of effective communication came in handy when driving change. 

I have written about managing change and customer experience over the years...

Why Corporate Innovation Labs fail to Innovate (2017)

Rethinking Insurance (2017)

Deconstructing Circles.Life Launch Strategy (2016)

UX Research Case Study 1.jpg
UX Research Case Study 2.jpg
Sprint 1_ Razer.jpg
Tom Kelshaw, Managing Partner, Operations & Technology at Wavemaker

“Daylon is a voice of reason or challenge when you don't want it (but needed), an alternative viewpoint when it's most required and a constant source of surprises. I expect to see Daylon achieve great things - he's unconventional and unarguably a leader.”

UX Class Montage.jpg

Nurturing the next
generation of leaders

Despite a busy career, I always found the energy to teach part-time outside of office hours. I enjoy seeing my students gain the necessary confidence in their abilities and savour every moment when their faces light up and go "aha!" I am grateful to be part of a group of founding instructors for General Assembly Singapore actively sharing my experiences about UX Design and marketing between 2015 and 2019.

I continue to sharpen my skills as a facilitator and curriculum designer with an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP). I teach polytechnic students and senior corporate leaders, UX research and design working with university education partners like Singapore Management University and Singapore Institute of Technology. Some of my past students currently work for Alibaba, Shopee, Grab and GovTech.


I have penned several articles for my students over the years including…

Research Synthesis for Everyone (2019) 

Ask better questions during Product Design Research #UX (2017)

Why you should work in a Tech Startup (or try to think like one) (2017)

I continue to write and tell stories through media so that more people around the world can benefit through hearing from the inspiring experiences of people I get to work with. The most compelling stories invite readers to collaborate, leaving enough room for imagination and takes them through a journey of transformation. We share a kinship through the stories we tell.

I have shared these stories at TEDx Singapore, Spikes Asia and Product Camp Singapore.


View my photography and editorial portfolio

Elson Soh, UX Design Lead at Alibaba

“Daylon was a patient and inspiring mentor to me. He would go the extra mile and share material he found useful that was outside of the standard class materials. Our class grew and refined our UX skills with his teachings and I have no doubt that he will be a good mentor to future classes.”


Rise and serve

in good company

Never in my wildest imagination, would I have known that starting a monthly breakfast event could change the world and open up mine. 


CreativeMornings / Singapore, started with the simple intent to bring different sectors of the creative industries together in a common space to facilitate conversations and cross sector collaborations.


Since 2012, we have given creators based in Asia and Singapore a voice in a global movement that spans from San Francisco to Seoul. We’ve also built a community for thousands of like-minded individuals through word of mouth. 


I am proud of how far we’ve come as a team and the lives we have affected. Both my co-organisers went on to lead their own communities after 3+ years of working together, Renyung Ho eventually co-founded Matter and led a movement through #mattertribe and Grace Clapham eventually co-founded Change School and joined Facebook to lead their APAC community initiatives.

I have since started and ran various communities over the years including a monthly non-fiction book club which has been transplanted to Straits Clan, a community I am a part of, and a quarterly entrepreneur circle for founders to share their challenges and successes. 


I make time every year to mentor and volunteer my skills for worthwhile causes. I am currently a member of the Sandbox Network, a global community of young leaders who are united by their commitment to make a positive difference.


I have shared my thoughts about community building as a contributor for The Birthday Book in 2019 and the following articles...

Grow your career by giving back (2018)

The secrets to building great communities (2017)

non fiction book club.jpg
Grace Clapham, Head of APAC Community Partnerships & Program at Facebook

“The ease of working with Daylon is also a key aspect for me to always work with him.”

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